Teacher Feature: Jordan

Once a month we feature a different teacher here on the website. Get to know some of our new teachers, and learn something new about the veterans.



About: Jordan Day

Where are you from? Right here in Lincoln. 

Any siblings? I have an older sister and two younger brothers.

How do you de-stress? I listen to music, play basketball, videogames, and like watching all different sorts of sports to help me unwind.

Tell us about your education? I went to LS and graduated in 2014.

Before working at LEAP, what other jobs did you have? I have worked at the Commons in Lincoln, Donelans, and I help coach soccer and basketball for the Lincoln middle school.

Fun Fact about yourself? I’m ridiculously good at Math and wicked good with sports stats.

What are your long term career goals and aspirations?

Something with sports, but I’m not sure yet. Maybe something that combines math and sports, but I’m still figuring it out. 


Tell us about your role and position at LEAP? I am a group leader here at LEAP. I mainly help out in the 1st&2nd grade room, but I also help with the kindergarteners and the middle schoolers. I really just try to help out wherever I’m needed.

What about LEAP made you want to work here in the first place? Chris Brookens! Without a doubt. I met Chris through bball?? And he made LEAP sound like such a fun place to work. I love being able to play basketball with the kids and teach them all I know about sports.

What is your proudest memory at LEAP? When my friend Logan started working here.

What is your favorite activity at LEAP? Basketball. Or Dodgeball. Or Fort Building.

Rapid Fire Favorites:

Color: Red 

Playground activity: Basketball

Rainy day activity: Videogames

Sport: Basketball

Snack-food: Rice Krispies

School Subject: Math

Animal: Tiger

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