All full-time LEAP staff members are certified in CPR and first aid, and they must undergo at least 20 hours a year of continuing education as required by the state Department of Early Education and Care.


Katie Hawkins
LEAP Director

I have a B.A. in early childhood education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an A.S. in art and have been certified in outdoor education through the Outdoor Leadership Program at Greenfield Community College. I’ve been working at LEAP for 13 years and love the new role I’ve been so honored to take on. I look forward to working with staff, parents and the community in making LEAP continue to excel as the amazing after-school program that it is and can be!


Bob Gaudette

I was lucky enough to begin working at LEAP in August of 2015. I attended Bently College (now a university) and majored in accounting. My job combines working with the “numbers” in the office and interacting with the children during the day. The best of both worlds! I keep pretty busy outside of LEAP with swimming, tennis, and golf. I also am involved with a couple of bands. The best time of the day is when the kids arrive with their eager faces looking forward to being there. That always makes me smile!


Louise Rocourt
Assistant Director

I have been involved with LEAP in some way since 2004. This year I am excited to return to LEAP as the Site Coordinator. The past three years I have been working in international sales to try out the corporate world, but my love for kids has brought me back to this wonderful program. I have worked with children of all ages and I’m eager to share with them my passion for arts and sports. I’m excited to assist Katie and work with the staff on new methods of teaching so that we can make LEAP the best it can be!


Debbie Dellascio
Kindergarten Coordinator

I started working at LEAP in the spring of 2016 and became the Kindergarten Coordinator at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. I have a BA in Sociology from UMASS, Lowell, and I love working with children of all age groups. In previous years I have worked at the YMCA in Newtown. I also have a passion for all things Halloween. I work as the Creative Director at Fright Kingdom in Nashua, New Hampshire, and I own my own business making props and costumes for various Haunted Attractions. I love learning new things from the students and spending time doing all sorts of different activities. LEAP is such a wonderful place to work and I’m so happy to be here!


Jamie Faulkner
1st/2nd Grade Coordinator

I have been a LEAPer for more than 20 years! Growing up in Lincoln, I went to LEAP during elementary school, and returned as a group leader in high-school. After earning a BA in English with a concentration in writing, I returned to work for LEAP once again. I love working with kids and sharing my love of creative pursuits like projects, music, and theater. LEAP is a wonderful place to be, and I am grateful to Katie and this community for allowing me to be a part of this program!


Ashley Greene
3rd & 4th Grade Coordinator

This is my second year at leap, and I’m so excited to be returning and taking on the 3rd and 4th graders. And I have a 3rd grader of my own, my daughter Shaylee. I had so much fun here last year and I am ready and eager to meet new kids and bring them on new adventures! I have a BA in sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice from UMass Boston and I was previously a behavioral specialist at the JRC school in Canton and a student service coordinator at NECAT. At LEAP I love to play basketball and make one-on-one connections with individual kids.


Kristen Smith
Middle School Coordinator

I am so delighted to be joining LEAP this year as the Big Kids coordinator! After volunteering as an ELL teacher in an elementary school and working with other teachers in the education department at National Geographic, I realized I how much I love working with kids. I graduated UVM in 2016 with a double major in English and Geography. I love nature and dance, and I’m also a certified Yoga instructor. I’m excited to bring different types of movement to LEAP as well as new teaching methods, focusing on the mind, body, and spirit.


Danny Halkett
Group Leader

I am so excited to be returning to LEAP part time this year! Although I work full time now as a custodian at the schools, I couldn’t give up the fun times here at LEAP. Every Wednesday I have some time to join the crew before work. Get ready for lots of LEGOs, Fort Building, and hiking around Lincoln—just a few of my specialties. In my free time, I’m taking classes at MCC towards my BS in business, and I love music and the great outdoors.


Jordan Day
Group Leader

This is my first year here at LEAP but I’ve been in Lincoln a while now. I graduated LS in 2014 and have worked at the Commons, Donelans, and I help coach soccer and basketball for the Lincoln middle school. I love sports and I am psyched to run some rec activities and get to know the kids. In the future I am considering returning to school for sports management, but maybe I’ll find a new passion here at LEAP. Can’t wait for an awesome school year!


Griffin Budd
Group Leader

I am so excited to be joining LEAP this year for the first time! I worked at Lincoln Day Camp over the summer and enjoyed the kids and the campus so much I just had to come back! This year, I will be a sophomore at Middlesex Community College, where I am considering majoring, or adding a minor in early childhood education. I am a super outgoing and enthusiastic person and I love sports and nerdy things like Dragonball Z and Batman!


Marisa DeAmicis
Group Leader

I’m so happy I get to be a part of LEAP this school year! After graduating from UMass Boston in 2016 with a double major in English and Anthropology, I started working at the Lincoln Smith and Brooks schools as a Special Education tutor. I was also the Arts and Crafts teacher this year at the Lincoln Summer Camp. All of the kids who attend LEAP are familiar faces to me, many of who I get to see everyday at school! I really love being a part of the Lincoln community and educating children is my biggest passion in life so I am very excited to work at LEAP this year!


Emily Gallagher
Group Leader

I am 18 years old and I am studying to be a hairdresser and cosmetologist at Toni & Guy Acadamy. I love working with kids! I have worked with kids at my old school and I am so excited to be here at LEAP. My favorite thing to do at LEAP is projects and crafts because I am a very creative person. I love to making kids and people of all ages feel good about themselves!


Logan Hallowell
Group Leader

I am elated to be joining Leap this year for the first time! I grew up in Lincoln and attended Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School before transferring to Middlesex School in Concord, MA in order to pursue soccer and a rigorous education system that included school on Saturdays. I graduated Middlesex in 2015 and went on to play soccer at Union College up in Schenectady NY for 1 year before returning to Boston in order to act in a couple of movies: The Burning Woman and Pretty Woman (2018). My education presses onward via coding and other nightly/morning classes. However the main reason I returned to Boston was to join Boston Cares, a non-profit that’s apart of the helping hands network. I’ve tutored adults and kids in math,science, English, and coached Lincoln youth soccer for two years. Get ready for homework to become fun-work and tons of creative recreational games! I am extremely grateful to be apart of such a wonderful team here at leap!!


Becca Kupperstein

I attended LEAP as a student k-8th grade and I am so excited to be back! LEAP was a very special place to me growing up—I made many friends and still have close relationships with some of the teachers I had here. Louise was one of these teachers and has been a friend and a mentor to me throughout the years; it is because of her that I am working at LEAP today. I graduated in 2017 with my BFA in Art education with a concentration in Community from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Throughout college I worked in a variety of school settings, Public, private, and after school in Boston. I love working with children of all ages, and I am so happy to be back here and share my experience with these kids.

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