Forms and Handbook


Registration packet

To register your child for LEAP, please fill out this Registration Packet: LEAP registration form. There are two ways to fill out this form:

On your computer

  1. Open the file in Word.
  2. Fill out the form on your computer.
  3. Save the file to your hard drive.
  4. Print the file and sign every page where indicated.
  5. Mail or bring the completed form to LEAP.

By hand

  1. Open the file using any application.
  2. Print the blank pages.
  3. Fill out the form  by hand.
  4. Mail or bring the completed form to LEAP.


Parent handbook

The LEAP Parent Handbook provides detailed policies and procedures in addition to the information found on this website. Please read this entire document, sign and print the last page, and mail or bring it to LEAP. Parent Handbook

Child Release Form

Students are welcome to partake in non-leap activities during their time here at LEAP. Many students go to music lessons, sports practices, scout meetings, recreation activities and more! If your child is participating in an off-site program, we ask that you sign a release form acknowledging that LEAP is not responsible for your child during their time at that activity. You can download the child release form 2017-2018 here.

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