LEAP is located in Pod C in the Hartwell set of buildings on the east side of the Lincoln School campus on Ballfield Road (see map). Within the pod are the LEAP office and four rooms: the rec room, the arts room, the free play room and the middle-school room, which also includes wood shop facilities that older children may use with staff supervision. There are lots of books, toys and games, as well as a kitchen where students can heat lunch and microwavable popcorn and do cooking projects led by a staff member.


We also have computers that are connected to the Lincoln School network, which automatically blocks Facebook and other sites that are inappropriate for children. Children may use the computers for homework and (after 5:00 p.m.) certain games under staff supervision.

LEAP’s on-campus location allows the program to take full advantage of the Lincoln School playgrounds and athletic fields. Children are escorted to and from other on-campus activities for which they’ve signed up, including Recreation Department activities, sports, music lessons, play rehearsals, Scout meetings and language classes.

LEAP map

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