Teacher Feature: Becca

Once a month we will feature a new teacher here on the website. Get to know some of our new teachers, and learn something new about the veterans.


About: Becca Kupperstein

Where are you from? I was born in Asuncion, Pargauay. But I actually grew up right here in Lincoln.

Any siblings? I have three Brothers. One older, two younger.

How do you de-stress? I love to paint, draw, and write. I also Love doing Yoga and going to the gym.

Tell us about your education? I grew up here in Lincoln and attended Lincoln Public School and LEAP grades K-8. I graduated from Lincoln- Sudbury Regional High School in the class of 2013 and went on to Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where I graduated in 2017 with a BFA in Art education with a concentration in Community.

Before working at LEAP, what other jobs did you have? I have been lifeguard, water safety instructor, and swim coach at the Codman pool for the last 7 summers. While in college I worked at Equinox Sports Club in Boston as an Aquatics Specialist and in the Kids Club.

Fun Fact about yourself? I have swam with hammer head sharks in the Galapagos.

What are your long-term career goals and aspirations? I am working on launching my website for my art practice. Id love to continue to sell my art and collaborate with other artists and clothing brands. I also have a special place in my heart for Art Therapy and I am looking forward to getting my masters in Art Therapy with a concentration in the visual arts.


Tell us about your role and position at LEAP?  I am part of an am amazing team of caring and passionate individuals who love our LEAP community. Right now, I work in the Big Kid’s room, but I love helping out with all of the kids.

What about LEAP made you want to work here in the first place?  I loved coming to LEAP growing up, the teachers were SUCH a part of my childhood, and served as some of the most important mentors. I made so many friends at LEAP and was always encouraged to try on new things and explore my interests. Some of my favorite memories of growing up are from my days spent at LEAP.

What is your proudest memory at LEAP? In 8th Grade all of our LEAP teachers came to our graduation to send us off to celebrate our time at the Lincoln Public School. Me and my friends from the big kids room had each won a different type of award at graduation. I remember when my name was announced for the Art Achievement award, all the LEAP teachers stood up and applauded so proudly with my whole family. My LEAP family had become a part of my family.

What is your favorite activity at LEAP? Projects, all kinds of projects but I’m especially interested in painting and print-making.

Rapid Fire Favorites:

Quote: “This is my inception, I’m writing my dreams.” – COMMON

Color: Orange & Blue

Playground activity: World Cup

Rainy day activity: Painting

Sport: Soccer

Snack-food: Mangos

School Subject: Psychology

Animal: Elephant

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