Oct-Nov: Coming Up

Dear LEAP families,

We hope everyone is having a wonderful fall season! Although it has been a little warm for fall, the trees are changing colors and there is no shortage of fall festivities here at LEAP!

This Wednesday we will be having our annual Halloween Party and Costume Contest. Here at LEAP we will have fun Halloween themed activities and snacks, then the kids can change into their costumes and get to be in the spotlight for a moment to show off to all of LEAP, then the judges will choose the winners!

Because of the forecast for rain, Trunk or Treat has been moved to this Friday, October 27. LEAPers are encouraged to bring their costume again and we will bring kids over that afternoon to check out the cool decorations and get some sweet treats!

You may have noticed that we are doing a lot of outside activities here at LEAP. We are doing our best to take advantage of the warm days and sunlight before winter comes. Please remember that ticks are still out this time of year, and they are looking for warmth too. Please check your children every night for ticks and read up on some tick facts here.

Next week we will enter November, Wednesday activities will include a new round of Clubs, a field trip to Roller kingdom on November 8th, and a Thanksgiving theme day on November 17th. We will also have another Fun Night on Friday November 17th.

A note to parents: please remember to sign out your children at the end of the night when you leave. The kids are doing a great job remembering to move their magnets, but we need everyone to work together to ensure the safety of all children. Before you leave, take a moment to stop outside of Katie’s office and fill out the sign out sheet. Thank you everyone for your continued help with keeping your kids safe!

We are zooming through this year and we hope your kids are having as much fun as the staff is! Please remember to check the website, or like us on Social Media for updates and fun news. This has been a great fall season and we thank all of you for being members of the LEAP team!

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