2014-2015 tuition rates

Hello LEAP Families,


It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you the tuition rates for the 2014-2015 school year! Why are we excited? Well, tuition rates have been reduced. That’s right—they’re going to be lower next year. For those curious, the last time similar rates were offered to LEAP families was 2009.


In a day and age when everything seems to be getting more expensive, how are we able to come to you with lower rates? It goes without saying that we’re going to preserve and even look to improve our service levels. We’re able to offer a savings next year because enrollment at LEAP this year has been particularly strong, and also because we’ve improved our operations and are working more efficiently. In short, the program is financially strong and, because we’re a non-profit organization, we want to pass the savings on to you.


In the coming year, we will continue to provide new enrichment offerings like the Scratch Programming and Lego Robotics classes, which we started this year. We have already begun exploring adding more guest speakers. Most importantly, we continue to provide excellent, experienced staff at a lower-than-required ratio of staff to children. In short, we plan on continuing the momentum we have gained over this past year.

LEAP staff and the Board of Directors have been working hard on a careful analysis of the organization’s finances before bringing you the new rate structure. As a result, we’re a little later than normal in finalizing these rates and know we haven’t left much time for you to register for the new school year before the conclusion of the current year. As a result, we have extended the early sign-up discount by a couple of weeks.


Registration for next year may be returned to LEAP by Friday, July 11th at an early bird special of $50 per child. Families signing up after this date will be charged a $100 registration fee per child. For those interested in registering early, please send registration documents and a check to LEAP, PO Box 298, Lincoln, MA 01773.


Thanks to everyone who made this great year possible. Hopefully this has helped to start all of your summers right!


Katie, Chris and the LEAP Board of Directors


  Current Rates (2013-2014) Rates for 2014-2015
Kindergarten Students



2 Days (w/o Wed) 430 $290.00
2 Days (w/ Wed) 520 $400.00
3 Days (w/o Wed) 510 $440.00
3 Days (w/ Wed) 605 $550.00
4 Days (w/ Wed) 670 $575.00
5 Days (w/ Wed) 705 $660.00
Grades 1 – 8



2 Days (w/o Wed) 335 $250.00
2 Days (w/ Wed) 420 $340.00
3 Days (w/o Wed) 410 $370.00
3 Days (w/ Wed) 510 $465.00
4 Days (w/ Wed) 585 $485.00
5 Days (w/ Wed) 615 $560.00

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