“Phone Guy” to visit LEAP

On Wednesday, April 2, we’ll welcome Vincent Valentine, the “Phone Guy.” Vincent is an electrical engineer with 30 years of experience in the semiconductor and securities industries. Vincent has been collecting telephones since he was 8 years old starting with a lineman’s butt set. It was his insatiable curiosity about how telephones worked that inspired him to become an electrical engineer. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1981 with a BSEET. After graduation, he moved to Massachusetts, where he worked for several companies including, GTE, GCA, Raytheon, and Millipore. He has been a Lincoln resident for 20 years.

Vincent believes that because today’s smartphones can’t be taken apart like an old analog phone,  kids are missing something very special that happens when you take stuff apart. Vincent recreates this inspirational experience with great success through “telephone workshops” where telephones are taken apart and children learn about Ohm’s Law.

Also happening at LEAP

  • Liz Wilkinson has been working with kindergarteners and first-graders on their Spanish. They’ve been learning so much! Thank you Liz, for giving your time!
  • Book Buddies continues to be a hit with the Magic Garden preschoolers. Every Tuesday we send four of our LEAP kids up to Magic Garden, where our kids read, sing or tell jokes to the preschoolers.
  • Scratch computer programing class is going well, and the kids are very excited about all that they are learning.
  • Spring has sprung! We are getting outside more and enjoying the fresh air.

Don’t forget sign-out!

IMPORTANT—please remember to sign your child out each day. Thank you!

Be sure to “follow” the new LEAP website

The all-new, up-to-date site has everything you need to know about LEAP—events and updates, background information, forms, and of course cool photos! Also, because the site is actually a WordPress blog, we’ll be using it to post weekly updates and will be phasing out the weekly newsletter. This means you’ll probably want to “follow” the website. Once you start “following,” you’ll get an email notice every time we add a new post with weekly updates or anything else you need to know about.  To follow the new website and get weekly updates:
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  2. On the right-hand side under “Coming up at LEAP,” you’ll see a “Follow” area where you can enter your email address. (You can always “unfollow” later.)
  3. Bookmark the new website and remove the bookmark for the old site if you have it.
Let us know what you think and how we can make the website even better. Just email leap0615@gmail.com or call us at 781-259-0615. Enjoy!


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